Quick Icing Workshop

Quick Icing Workshop

This course is for the beginners and those looking to polish their skills a bit further giving you the confidence to bake and make different shape cakes (Round, Square and Heart ) at home. A two days course that will teach you everything you need to know to get you started in cake baking and decorating.

 Details of what you will learn –

  1. Sponge baking (with premixes – eggless) Vanilla & Chocolate
  2. Preparing Sugar Syrup, Whipping Cream, American Butter Cream and Chocolate Dutch Truffle
  3. Techniques of cutting, soaking, layering, coating, finishing cakes professionally and designing cakes in the Round, Square and Heart Shapes.  
  4. Using of piping nozzles for borders and cake decoration (dot, shells, river shells, drop and scroll borders etc.
  5. Making cake garnishes like whipped cream simple roses.
  6. Learning Script writing which develops your writing skills to write the messages confidently on the cake.


Duration : 4 days
Time  : 3.00 p.m to 6.00 p.m 
Mode  : Hands-On
Fee  : 4500/- 
Note All students get to take the cake home that they make.

It is mandatory for all students to wear an apron, carry two kitchen towels, a note book and a pen every day.

quick icing recipe for cake